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There are a number of ways to explain the concept of Guidance. Please choose the one that appeals to you.

Option 1: The Big Three
Option 2: The Bicycle
Option 3: Intuition
Option 4: The Conductor
Option 6: The Computer


Option 1 – The Big Three

Guidance acts as your Compass, Geiger Counter and Prompt - the big three!

The Compass:
Guidance acts to show us the direction of our true ‘north’ - that which aligns perfectly with The Divine Plan and moves us in the direction where we have fun, learn joyfully, and discover the freedom to say, do, have, be and experience our highest potential.

The Geiger Counter:
Have you ever played the game ‘hot and cold’ where someone hides an object and you have to find it? As you get closer to the object, the facilitator calls out ‘hot’, ‘hotter’, ‘boiling’ or ‘cold’, ‘colder’, ‘freezing’. Guidance is your facilitator, the meter  that indicates whether you are on track and how close or far you are from your desired goal.

The Prompt:
Shakespeare wasn't kidding when he said - "All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players".

We are all here play-acting, just as children do, in order to experience ourselves in physical form. Guidance is the Prompt, here to give us cues when we forget our lines and/or moves (exactly like a stage production).

Each of us are connected to the one and only Guidance system to ensure that we are safe, secure, co-ordinated, synchronized, synergised and thus well looked after as we gain in Wisdom and Understanding.

Option 2 – The Bicycle

I would like you to consider Guidance to be like a bicycle.
  1. All of you have one and are expert riders.
  2. Some of you have forgotten that you own this bike.
  3. Some of you know its there somewhere, but have forgotten where you put it.
  4. The rest of you know it's there, but forget to get on and pedal. Or you get on and pedal so infrequently you have lost confidence and trust in your expertise. In other words, you forget to ask, ignore and/or don't trust the answers you receive, because you are out of practice and/or do not take the time and space to observe the ‘proof’ that sustains and supports your belief and confidence.

In all cases, it’s time to re-connect and remind yourselves of your superb bike-riding skills, get some regular practice, and before you know it you are right back on top again, the expert!

Option 3 - Intuition

Guidance is often known as intuition, which can be understood as your ‘inner tuition’. You need not look any further. It is your guru, your ultimate teacher and your sure-fire insurance policy for success. It is there to serve as the instruction manual. It shows you how to be a pro in the game of life you are presently playing.

If your life feels more like a nightmare than a game, I suggest that it is definitely time for you to re-connect to this ‘inner tuition’. Pick up the instruction booklet and follow the rules exactly, all clearly outlined there.

Please note:
a) You have this Guidance function as your standard operating tool that comes with every game you choose to play. Everyone owns one & is connected to it.

b) Take the time and space to bring your attention to it and ‘read’ it.
c) Follow the directions exactly. You will soon discover that you easily, gracefully and joyfully stay on track, on time, and on target.

You can’t enjoy, play or ‘win’ the game if you are not on the board, merely an observer. It’s time to get off the side lines, back into the game of life and learn how to play it like the expert you were born to be.

Those who are dis-eased (or believe at this time that they are) and spend their time wishing to be well, doing nothing or very little about it, are choosing to be a spectator in the health and well-being game. As such, nothing much is likely to change.

‘You’ve got to be in it to win it’

Similarly, if you do choose to get into the game and get help e.g. consult with your doctor, healer, appropriate ‘specialist’ in any personal or professional field… they always give you a specific prescription to help you get what you most desire.

The prescription clearly indicates that you take, do, follow the instructions … times a day, at … dosage/strength, for … days/weeks/.... Now, imagine what might happen if you choose not to follow the instructions exactly. Would you be surprised if the results were less than perfect? Get it, Got it, Good!

Option 4 - The Conductor

We exist in a Universe of our own making. In every instant therein, we seek a state of balance and harmony. In musical terms Guidance is the conductor of the orchestra of our physical body, and by extension all other bodies, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and etheric. In the most general terms, a conductor's job is to shape a musical interpretation; to form ideas about the most compelling way to perform a piece and to lead a group of musicians in such a way that those ideas are realized aka you achieve your goals = your dreams come true. Imagine for a moment that every cell, organ and system in your physical body is a musician, and that every fuel resource is an instrument, that allows each musician to play their Divine Notes in the Divine Symphony in perfect harmony and magical synchrony in every moment.

You might call Guidance the orchestrating principle of your body. Certainly each cell, organ and system can play/function without its assistance, however more often than not you may find parts of yourself and your life out of sync/out of flow with the whole when you do. If you feel that you have forgotten the conductor even exists, or chosen to ignore its guidance, yet recognise that your life is other than continuously joyful, perhaps its time to tune back in and pay attention. Time to feel the rhythm of your body, head the soft whispering inner voice of your breath, watch the images playing like a movie in your mind's eye, and sense your feelings pulsing with every heart beat. Each one signalled by your conductor to keep you on track to the performance of your life. 

Option 5: The Computer

There are four principle levels of consciousness:

The conscious mind = the window open on your computer screen - obvious and recognised information.

The subconscious mind = the window minimised on your computer screen - obvious and recognised information, which you no longer need to keep at the forefront of your conscious mind

The unconscious mind = Google search = information which you have never bought to conscious mind, which you can easily access.

The super-conscious mind = the 'knowing' that guides you as to which website to open and what information there is relevant to you at the time

The first three, namely conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds are subject to 'illusion' = other than 'true self' influence; for example - society, religion, culture etc - and therefore while helpful, not always reliable.

The last, the super-conscious mind remains pure and accurate at all times and is uninfluenced by anything or anyone and therefore entirely reliable = your true self.

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